Interview with Managing Director of the OeTTINGER Brauerei GmbH

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Welcome to the web-site of the oldest brewery in Kazakhstan!

Over the last 150 years, we brew delicious high quality beer for you, keeping the brewing classic recipes and traditions. Production in small batches allows us to carefully control its quality and offer you only the freshest beer.

We have always strived to be the pioneers. The First Brewery founded in 1858 has started the development of the brewing industry of Kazakhstan. And we are very proud to keep the brand today: after reconstruction in 2013, our company has become the most up-to-date brewery in the Republic.

The best technology and formulation, as well as love for this work allow our team of professionals creating products that are not able to leave you indifferent. Our brands that caught the fancy of the admirers had been created under the unique formulation and have distinct taste and aroma. For example, we use three types of malt and two types of hop in "Pivzavod No.1” brand that flavor delicate aroma and rich taste.

We are always happy to show and tell you about our production. Ask us a question or come on a tour where you can get acquainted with a mystery of the manufacture of this foamy drink and assess our best brands.

We wish you a great pastime and enjoy hearty beer!

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